Healthy is The New Gorgeous

Have you fallen into a fashion rut? Are you overwhelmed by the near constant barrage of fashion, style, health and wellness advice blaring from nearly every major media outlet? It’s certainly enough to sending you running for the comfort of your sofa and remote control. Forget the noise and get back to basics with these tips from the health and style gurus. Taking simple steps that fit your lifestyle can make all the difference in the world and there’s no better time to get started than today.


The most beautiful you comes from within – not from a sale rack at a department store. A genuine smile and quiet self-confidence will trump any of the latest fashions. You can develop this great smile and self-confidence by treating yourself to brisk physical activity for at least thirty minutes at day several times a week. Strong and fit is the new glamorous!  Taking care of yourself and your body is the surest path to true beauty. Develop an exercise regime that you enjoy. Take care of your skin so it will shine for decades to come. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and snag a Clarisonic coupon to give your facial skin a deep cleanse and radiant shine.

Take stock of your current wardrobe. Donate, discard or consign items you’ve not worn in over a year. Don’t torture yourself with pieces that are too small under the false notion that you’ll wear them once you lose those last ten pounds. You will lose the weight, but you won’t wear the item again. Remember in your closet – less is more. Focus on quality versus quantity. One well-fitting jacket has more value than five ill sized pieces. Invest in the classics and they’ll offer a great return for years to come. Spike up your wardrobe with accessories to reflect today’s styles that work with your body type and life style. You don’t need the assistance of an expensive personal stylist to know what works well on your body type. Resist the urge to wear clothing too large in an attempt to hide a few extra inches – clothes that are too large actually make you look even larger.

Best of luck to you in uncovering your personal style!