Make a Big Splash Wearing Bondi Born

The must-have’s in summer attire should include a selection of beach dress favorites from Bondi Born. The inspired designs offer a pleasant feel that keeps you cool, no matter how high the temperatures climb. It’s nearly impossible to find a true meeting of style and function that surpasses the level of Bondi Born. You’ll be prepared to show up for any beach or poolside party, barbecue, or special date.

Perfect Poolside or Beach Comfort Wear

Bondi Born is designed for enjoying the warm summer days by the pool or on the beach. You can enjoy a swim dress that offers flowing coverage, perfectly suited to wear over all Bondi Born swimwear. You can even choose one-of-a-kind patterns that make a bold statement on style. Bondi Born is beachwear that’s made for the active woman that loves to enjoy time spent in the outdoors, yet fully retain her feminine side.

Everything from Casual to Elegant

Be ready for any event with Bondi Born swim dresses suitable for casual wear or elegant evening gatherings near the water. Button-up knee-length dresses can be worn over swimwear, or tie it up and wear them with a comfortable pair of shorts. Long, flowing beach dresses allow you to feel ultimate comfort with a feminine elegance that is hard to find in traditional dresses.

Stunning Valentina Plunging Back Beach Dress

One example of versatile elegance is the Bondi Born Valentina beach dress. The sleek rayon fabric and contour-hugging design make it the perfect attire for a special afternoon or evening on the beach or by the pool. The plunging back offers a daring and tantalizing view of the Bondi Born swimwear you choose to wear underneath.

Dress Me Up in Brilliant Scarlet

Another example of a multi-purpose use beach dress is the Dress Me Up with adjustable shoulder straps. It’s created using fine Italian linen for sheer enjoyment and comfortable fit. The maxi dress style allows for plenty of air circulation on the hottest days or nights. You can choose from white, navy, or black, but the most dramatic version comes in a bright scarlet. You’ll be the most notable figure on the beach.

Soft Linen, Sleek Rayon, and Comfortable Cotton

The selection of fabrics used to create Bondi Born swim dresses all have their own unique benefits. The softer touch of linen feels great against the skin and is durable. Rayon is slick and cooler feeling for comfort in the hottest summer weather. Cotton retains shape and allows a free-flow of air to allow your swimwear the ability to dry underneath when you are ready to switch gears and relax.

Fun and Beautiful Fashions

Bondi Born beach dresses are as fun to wear as they are beautiful to behold. Feel great about the energetic, youthful look you project for all your beach or poolside occasions. All designs are designed to compliment the wearer and constructed to provide reliable use all summer long. The easy-care instructions will make every Bondi Born item one of your favorites for the season. You’ll want to add as many as possible to your summer wardrobe. The real challenge will be in selecting which one you’ll wear.

Don’t let the summer slip away without adding some of the most beautiful beach dresses available to your beach and poolside wardrobe. Visit Bondi Born for beach dresses that gives you as much comfort as they do style. Be prepared to be the hit of the party.