The Art of Picking Affordable Diamond Stud Earrings

A diamond wins every woman’s heart. However, the prices sometimes stop women from getting their favourite jewellery pieces.

Finding diamond earrings at an affordable price is an art. You need to find a balance between quality, design, and prices in order to pick a perfect jewellery piece for your ears. Hence, this article presents tips that will help you shop affordable earrings.

  1. Start by finding a reliable jeweller

The first step towards buying the right jewellery is to pick a reliable jeweller. There are multiple factors that you need to consider while choosing your jeweller when you are planning to buy affordable diamond pieces. Your jeweller should have a great variety to offer. They should have a proof of the quality work they are offering and should have transparent charging structure. Having such a jeweller increases the possibility of finding diamonds at much cheaper rates.

  1. Choose small diamonds

Instead of investing in large diamonds with low quality, you can have high-quality smaller pieces. Small pieces look beautiful, and you get to reduce the purchase budget to a great extent. A significant change will appear after choosing the small diamond for earrings.

  1. Compare clarity and colour with prices

The price of diamonds depends widely on its clarity and colour. Even minor defects bring a great change in the prices. Most of the times, these defects are not even visible to the naked eye.

You can compare clarity and colour of multiple diamonds. Evaluate the price difference and find a balance where quality and affordability meet together.

You don’t need perfect clarity to make your diamond earrings look beautiful. Just make sure that the defects are not visible to the naked eye.

  1. Select budget-friendly metals

There are both cheap and expensive metal settings available in diamond stud earrings. You can get gold or platinum. However, they can seem expensive for many people. On the other hand, options such as white gold and yellow gold present a cheaper alternative to expensive metals.

White gold is considerably durable and reduces the cost of earrings to a great extent. You can further reduce the prices with yellow gold, but it doesn’t offer impressive durability.

What needs to be done?

Now, you have three options:

  1. Choose cheap diamonds with expensive metal.
  2. Choose expensive diamond with cheap metal.
  3. Choose cheap diamonds with cheap metal.

The price of earrings will depend on which option you pick. Of course, the third choice is the cheapest, but you won’t get the charm of diamonds. Hence, it is advisable to choose either first or second option when looking for diamond stud earrings. You can decrease the size of the diamonds and get platinum or gold settings with it. You can also balance the price of an expensive diamond with a white gold setting. It stays top-notch for a long time too.

Investing in diamonds is always an exciting moment for women. Hence, make sure you get value for every penny invested in diamonds. Choose earrings that complement your facial features and dressing style.

No need to wait anymore. Go ahead and start using the mentioned tips.