5 watch style every man should know

Watches are a mark of taste, lifestyle, position in life, status, image and so much more. Telling time has become a secondary factor for a watch. It is mostly the other values that are attached to it that affect its price. Of course, the multiple functions that are added and the materials used also decide the movement of the price scale.

The number of different types of watches available in the market can be staggering especially for a first timer. But there are a few watches that have a very different value for watch lovers and these watch styles are something that every man should know. To check this refer to the site (https://www.gofynd.com/men/accessories/watches)

Dress Watch

Understated, elegant and simple is what defines a Dress Watch. These are mostly worn with formal wear or suits. Let’s say the highest form of formal wear for men is a black tie and to match it you have the Dress Watch. These watches have thin straps and dark ones at that and with a thin case so that it can slip unnoticed into the shirt or suit sleeves. The rule that is used for belts and shoes also applies to the straps of the Dress Watch.

Dive Watch

A Dive Watch pays more attention to the precision of time telling. It is important to be accurate as divers underwater with a limited supply of oxygen need to be very sure about the watches they wear. The dial is usually black with luminous numerals so that it is visible in low or dim lights. These watches are made to withstand high pressure environments and hence a sapphire glass is mostly used. The bands are usually made of silicone or rubber and it is usually a bit roomier as it is mostly worn over a wetsuit. They have to be water resistant, of course and something divers can depend on. But just because you don’t dive doesn’t mean you can’t own one. Rugged, stylish and a touch of adventure is what describes a Dive Watch.

Aviator Watch

These are unique watches which were made keeping the requirements of pilots in mind. As the requirements of the aviation changed the features of the Aviator Watch also changed. Some of the most prominent characteristics of an Aviator Watch are white numerals on a black face which make them easier to read. There are pushers on the side used to stop and restart the chronographs or stop watches. Most often there will be many chronographs on the face of the watch. An Aviator Watch would also have a time zone vessel as most pilots fly across countries and continents.

Field Watch

Field Watches were initially worn during the First World War. Now it has more of a rugged and adventurous streak added to its personality. These watches are mostly favored by those who go hanging from cliffs, climb mountains, trek jungles, more of the outdoorsy kinds. It has functions such as a compass, a date window and many such features. A Field Watch is mostly characterized by ruggedness, durability and reliability.

Racing Watch

A Racing Watch is characterized by its sportier look. It comes in various shapes, sizes and colors. It is flashier than the other type of watches. These kinds of watches are essentially chronographs measuring time in seconds, minutes and hours. Accuracy to a fraction of a second is it’s most sought after feature. Many of the Racing Watches also have a Tachymeter which measure distance and speed which you can relate to time as a racer needs.

These are the 5 watch styles every man needs to know about before buying.